After School Enrichment

Monday- Friday     3:00 pm- 4:00 pm
Children Ages 4-6 Years
Open to Enrolled Students and Community Members

Our enrichment classes are designed to challenge and inspire children to delve deeper into topics. These classes inspire creativity, imagination, art expression, and body awareness.  All classes are run either by our own teaching staff or experienced instructors from the community. 

Monday - Cook Book Club
Reading has never tasted so good with Jean Sheehy!  The children will listen to a story each class and will help prepare a kid friendly snack to accompany the book.  The children will be exposed to cooking terms, tools, and kitchen safety. Throughout the session,the children will compile recipes to create individual cookbooks to take  home and share with their families.  

Tuesday - Intro to Gymnastics  
Run, Jump, Tumble! Preschool gymnastics is a carefully designed movement class that focuses on the physical, social and emotional development of the pre-schooler.  Each class will include cardio, flexibility, balance, and coordination activities.  Children will be introduced to the magic of sport in a fun, friendly, and supportive environment. Amanda Mentuck is a USA safety certified gymnastics instructor and program director who has been teaching for over 20 years. 

Wednesday - I Like to Move It! 
A fun musically inspired movement/dance class like no other with Sue Ballou!  Children love to move to the familiar songs often heard in their favorite movies, radio stations, classroom, etc.  The class is a compilation of original and unique choreographed songs with plenty of time for "free dance.” They delight in expressing themselves while gaining coordination, confidence, personal space awareness teamwork, and focus. 

Thursday - Mis Amigos: Spanish
Spanish with Sra. Autumn is an engaging and interactive class where students learn through total physical response. The children are introduced to Spanish language and culture through song, dance, and spoken word. The curriculum is play-based and the children learn through fun, repetitive play. Each week we will sing, dance, act-out and read, as well as play and draw. The language will come alive for children and you will hear them singing the songs they learn long after class ends.

Friday - Art Masterpieces
Dee Burgett introduces children to great artists and their artworks through images and inspiring stories. The children will then create their own masterpieces in the styles of great masters, using similar materials and techniques. They will make artworks in 2 and 3 dimensions, including, but not limited to, paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture and mixed media pieces. Throughout the creative process, the children will be encouraged to explore and experiment with materials and techniques to discover new possibilities for self expression.